Those Special Pictures


I focus on our natural environment. I am attracted to details often overlooked---the texture of a rose petal, the contrast of light and shadow, the detailed work of an old building, or the visual compositions all around us!


People have asked me what makes a good photographer.  I believe a photographer must have a passion for beauty and creativity, as well as a desire to capture and share their experiences.


*  To share what only a few have the opportunity to see;

*  To be able to predict special moments in advance (and not be disappointed if they don't happen);

*  To have a love for nature and experience it to the fullest extent possible;

*  To make the effort to receive what nature has to offer and open your heart to nature's gifts...


That's what makes a good photographer, and what I try to convey in my art!

Blood Moon Eclips

Full Moon on Chimney Rock

Back Yard Art Ford

Praying Mantis