What Is Photography



  Photography can be simple to some and complex to others depending on what the photographer is looking for. A visual image can speak directly to the emotions evoking an immediate and powerful response. Once an image is viewed one is slowly taken on a visual journey through the eye of the photographer.


  Whether the photograph was staged or unplanned, the picture represents that very moment in time. The photographer not only captures a scene or a subject he also creates a lasting image.


  The beauty of photography is that any individual can produce an image of passing time. Photography is an art form, the effort the photographer puts into his work varies from photograph to photograph. The photographer can either tell a story within a photograph or simply stand aside and allow the viewer to interpret the story. Either way the involvement between the photographer and the viewer is simply a record of life as it has happened. One fact is that without a photographer there can be no photograph.


  The images within this collection represent the photographers work as I had experienced that moment. In some cases the idea found me. The images are a testament to the dedication and love for these subjects found throughout nature. Nature photography requires a special photographer to capture those unique moments in time. The photographer must become emotionally involved with the subject or scene expressing their love or interest which allows them to create many compositions from one scene, which then captures the true essence of their subject. As the viewer experiences the photographers image they should realize that each photograph represents an individual's artistic viewpoint. When the photographer captures these moments in time through the camera's viewfinder, he has done more than freeze that moment but has taken that instant and will share it with others hoping to enhance the appreciation for nature and the importance of protecting it for all to experience.





The reason I became a photographer was to capture the many beautiful scenes my community offered.


I believe a photographer must have a passion for beauty and creativity, as well as a desire to capture and share their experiences.


To share what only a few have the opportunity to see.

Why A Photographer

Last Piece Of The Puzzle

My interest in photography was centered around nature and had no interest in capturing the human form but as I advanced in my work I realized that the human aspect can't be dismissed. Nature has created us to exist within all it's beauty, allowing us to be a part of it and feel its presence. We are a piece of the puzzle that is so complex. No matter how old, or new, soft, or weathered, the human form is as beautiful as the human soul, a piece of nature.