Portfolio - Lake

Many of my photos feature the beauty of Priest Lake, "Natures Crown Jewel", with its incredible sunrises, sunsets, and the stunning scenery.


There is nothing more breathtaking or refreshing than starting your day with a magnificent sunrise or ending it with a spectacular sunset.


I have spent many hours early in the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the sun paint the clouds and lake with a rainbow of colors.


At the end of the day, I find myself on the lakeshore waiting for that two-minute event, as the sun sets in the west. As it sets, it inspires and amazes, leaving behind a cascade of colors, as if to say

"What a day! Now top this..."






Coolin Mtn Looking at Four Mile Island


Looking towards Eight Mile Island



Eight Mile Island


Eight Mile Island


Lake View Mtn.


Lake View Mtn.


Rocky Point