Custom Framing


We opened our business in 2006 and have grown throughout the years. We have shown our work in the past in area businesses and were well received but we never imagined how popular the studio would be when we first opened.


Over time we were able to expand large enough to display over 100 framed images and over 200 prints. As the enlargement came the need to build our own finished artwork was neccessary, the start of our custom frame shop. The studio is our work place; you will be able to see how we go from camera to framed finished product.  We do accept custom work and have matt and frame samples for you to pick from along with an inventory of over 1000 images cataloged or if you prefer, bring in your special piece of artwork.


We have had the opportunity to work with special pieces from artist all over the country, Betty Jamison, Ross Hall, Doolittle, Lyman and many more.