Photographer Tom Holman

Living among all the beauty of our land and spending much of my time with nature has given me a passion for the outdoors. 

Our beautiful area allows me to focus on "intimate landscapes"---that area between close-ups and grand scenics.

My goal is to create "images that enhance life", not only providing enjoyment with my art, but also creating inspiration for the environmental conservation.


Photographic outings have become an almost religious experience for me. My work features majestic landscapes, wildlife, native flora, and other subjects found throughout nature. I look for subjects that touch the viewer, both profoundly beautiful and possessing what I call "simple elegance.


I have called the Northwest home my entire life. For over 50 years I have resided near the edge of the Selkirk Mountains, at Priest Lake, the "Crown Jewel of Idaho"


This beautiful area affords me ample opportunity to achieve my goals in photography.  My wife, Arlina, and I have enjoyed each other's company for over 40 years and have shared our lives here at Priest Lake. Arlina has played a major role in inspiring my photography. Her support for my passion and her company while finding those unique shots has helped guide my success.