The Buena Vista Studio is a photographic  collection of images taken by photographer Tom Holman.


Over 200 images displayed in print or frame, images you will only find here at this unique historic style gallery. The setting is relaxing and informal where you can bring your family and view images and possibly capture your own pictures of the local wildlife.


Our studio is our work place. Here you will find us creating works of art from images we have captured throught the Priest Lake area.


My wife Arlina and I spent many hours collecting and creating these pieces of art to display for our visitors.


Our display area consists of 1100 square feet of floor space with the walls covered in all aspects of Priest Lake existence. Wildlife so unique leaving you wondering how the shot was made, landscapes rich with color and excitement, waterfalls dancing before your eyes, native fona with rich natural colors and not to mention the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises only Priest Lake can produce.